2021 Freshman Tryouts

Congratulations! IF ELIGIBLE grade wise after the Fall Semester, the following have made the freshman team for next Spring. With the exception of the Football/Basketball guys (who will transfer in to baseball when their sport is finished), I will be giving your name to the guidance department to enroll you in our 7th period baseball class. Parents, look for an email in the next few days.

Freshman Team:
Sam Crouse
Jake Cunanan
Mike DeFrancesca
Brodie Fowler
Mikey Gray
Evan Hall
Brandon Kolb
Gavin Lentz
Ryan Luce
Sean Olsen
Fernando Saldana Jr.
Jayden Sayers
Jake Sweet

When school starts in the Fall, players are welcome to come see me in Room 127 about what they can improve on and future tryouts. Most days, I am in my classroom before school (7:30 ish) and beginning of Lunch (12:22 – 12:50).

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